Pediatric Dentistry

It is never too early to begin caring for the teeth of your children. Positive oral hygiene can start when you son or daughter are infants.
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Tooth protection
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Start caring for the teeth of your children before their teeth even arrive.

Positive oral hygiene for children starts when they are infants. Regardless of whether a mother is nursing or bottle feeding a child, it is never too early to start caring for their teeth.
Before any teeth break through the gums, it is recommended that a child’s gums be wiped with gauze or a warm, wet washcloth after each feeding. When teeth begin to appear, they should be cleaned regularly. Infant toothbrushes are available with smaller brushing heads designed specifically for smaller mouths.

Your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled as soon as the first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. A pediatric dentist will keep a child’s teeth healthy by removing plaque build-up and food debris that could be stuck in the teeth. Regular cleanings keep teeth free from debris which could lead to other dental diseases and gets a child familiar with going to the dentist and having a dentist or hygienist working on their teeth.

Pediatric care not only includes advice on proper methods to brush and floss your child’s teeth, but also suggestions on eating and drinking habits that will help protect a child’s teeth and gums. Good habits include avoiding foods that are high in sugar and starch and drinks or juices that contain high levels of sugar. If your child uses a bottle to fall asleep, never allow the bottle to remain in the child’s mouth after they have fallen asleep.

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Dental Sealants
Protect the teeth of your children, specifically their molars, by applying a dental sealant when they are between the ages of 5 and 7. Dental sealant is a thin layer of liquid that hardens and creates a barrier between teeth and the plaque, food particles and bacteria that collect on them and lead to decay. Sealants are usually applied to molars because molars are vulnerable to cavities and decay for two reasons. First, molars are used to chew and are constantly exposed to food mixed with saliva. Second, molars are in the back of the mouth and are more difficult to clean. In children, molars begin to appear between the ages of 5 and 7, with a second set coming in between the ages of 11 and 14. It is best to have a treatment when the molars first come in to ensure those teeth are protected. A procedure begins when an adhesive is applied to the teeth that are to be treated. The sealant is spread over the adhesive as a liquid. The liquid hardens, creating a protective barrier. Sealants last for about 10 years and can be reapplied if necessary.
Mouth Guards
Mouth guards have become an essential piece of equipment during sports events and recreational activities for athletes young and old. Mouth guards should be worn by athletes of any age who participate in football, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, rugby, skating, skateboarding or gymnastics. If collisions and falls are inevitable in the sport your son, daughter, spouse, or significant other is competing in, a mouth guard should be a required piece of equipment. Mouth guards will help prevent structural damage to the teeth and jaw if a collision occurs but will also prevent injuries such as lacerations to your cheeks, tongue, and lips. Mouth guards have also been shown to help decrease concussions. Sporting goods stores sell mouth guards but be careful when purchasing a mouth guard from a sporting goods supplier or a pharmacy because generic mouth guards do not offer the best level of protection. They can also be uncomfortable and difficult to fit. Big Smiles Dental will create a custom-fit mouth guard for your child that will provide the best level of protection and comfort. A custom mouth guard is created from a thin plastic that is hardened to protect your teeth. The custom profile of the mouth guard allows for easy breathing and communication.

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